Wyposażamy Sklepy
Shop fittings
Wyposażamy Biura
Office furniture
Wyposażane sklepy przez ABM


History of ABM

We have been supplying and fitting shops and offices since 1991

We are a Polish company with almost 30 years of tradition in the branch of furnishing shops, supermarkets, warehouses and offices. We provide a comprehensive service for individual clients as well as chains of shops. Being a manufacturer of furniture we offer a wide range of goods that are available at once for shops of every kind and size, individual orders are also welcomed. 


1991 – company launched

1993 – start up of production plant

1995 – registration of company logo

1995 – start of foreign market trading

1996 – signing of first franchising contracts and creation of own sales network

1998 – enterprise restructured as joint stock company

1999 – development of wholesale distribution of furniture accessories and shop furniture

2000 – operations expanded to include sales of office furniture and fittings

2003 – opening of new showroom pavilion in Krakow, ul. Pasternik

2003 – reorganisation and modernization of production plant

2004 - opening of new showroom pavilion in Rzeszów

2004 - modernization of the building and exhibition in Przemyśl

2009 - reconstruction of our website

2010 – modernization of the exhibition in Krakow, ul. Gromadzka

2010 – launched online store

2011 - signing of the first contract of partnership and expanding the sales network

2012 – modernization of the machinery in the production factory

2017 - new hedquarters of ABM in Kraków,  Dobry Poczatek street  6




Development Trends:

The first significant event in the development of ABM was the launch in 1993 of the production plant. This permitted the manufacture of products according to the company’s own models and prototypes. The next important step forward was greater scope of distribution through foreign market exports (from 1995) and the signing of franchising contracts (from 1996). A turning point in the history of the enterprise was 1998 when the organisation became a joint stock company. One of the major aspects helping consolidate the company’s future market standing was investment in material and non-material resources (employee training). The period 1999-2000 mainly concentrated on developing new markets: wholesaling and the sale of office furniture. These operations led to favourable diversification of the company’s investment portfolio. In 2003 a modern showroom was opened in Krakow at ul. Pasternik. This is seen as the company’s showcase. An important factor enabling the company to keep ahead of the competition was its product innovations and system of management. Modernisation of the production plant in 2003 allowed improved quality and effectiveness of manufactured goods bearing the ABM brand. The implementation in 2003 of an integrated company management system considerably enhanced matters concerning ongoing management, communication and control. The system permits effective coordination of logistics within ABM resources i.e. the central warehouse, the showroom and the production plant as well as contacts with external partners – suppliers and customers. Since 2009 we have improved our logistics and constantly updated and modernized our machinery. Over the years of trading the company has received numerous awards - membership of Gazelle and Cheetah Club Business and the title and certificate of fair play. These awords proofs that our organisation is highly successful in the sector it trades in.We also participates in trade fairs ,conferences and meetings in Poland and abroad.




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