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Children's shop fitting

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Children's shop fitting


Carefully arranged space, clearly separated zones for younger and older children, friendly color schemes are the first observations after entering the interior. System SQUARE, racks and clothes tables are most used in stores a such

industry - shop system FIKA. Wall shelves are equipped with shelves for products, NUT panels for toys in blisters and inventory stocks. Some modules have no back, and the shelves are intended for larger products - car seats, carrycots and toys. NUT panels are also mounted directly on the walls for exposure children's shoes and accessories.

Clothes are placed on wall shelves and displays, which thanks to wheels can be freely moved around the shop. The SQUARE gondolas are also located in the center of the store and are used for toy exhibition. The furniture is made of white plate with green lime additives. This solution very nice fits to the products.
In the service area we placed FIKA counter. Custom furniture has been modified a little bit, for example clothes tables have rounded edges, which perfectly matches the decorative elements in the counter and guarantees safety for children visiting the store. Realization ABM Gromadzka

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